Adventures at Sea

Adventures at Sea Cool off and have fun with our water activities

Jet Ski tour

without license Learn or enjoy driving

With no need of licenses or experience, come and ride the waves and see the amazing views off our coasts.

Under supervision one of our professional monitors from the port, you have the chance off riding them for 30 minutes or 1 hour and seeing 11km off our beaches.

And if your an extreme adventurer we can take you to the Island of Tabarca, but remember something, don’t ask how long it takes… there is no time for adventuring!!

From 75€ you can enjoy our Jet Ski.

Day out at Tabarca Island

airboat Exclusive up to ten people

Every morning an Air boat leaves the port of Guardamar heading to the Island of Tabarca, it has a maximum capacity of 10 people and has 350 horse power.

Once in Tabarca you can snorkel in it’s tropical coral reefs that are stunning, or maybe just chill the day at the beach.
You should try the famous rice and fish dishes at the restaurants on the island, they are some of the best of the province.

Just before sunset we will pick you up from the island and bring you back to the port of Guardamar.

Coast views with boat ride

inflatable boat and boat Unique landscape

Would you like to take a boat ride and see the beaches of Guardamar all the way from the sea?

You have 2 choices: Airboat that has a maximum capacity of 10 people or our 8 meter boat that is very pleasant.

We put the captain and the crew and you pick if what boat you want.


a relaxed day at sea Fishing: Boat in motion or boat stationary

A day of fishing is always good.

Feeling stressed out? Want to relax for a day with one of the most fascinating sports?
Going fishing once in a while always comes in good! You pick what type of fishing you want to do: Boat in motion or boat stationary

Minimum 2 people, approximately from 8:30 AM till 13:30 PM. Enjoy an interesting day at sea…And yes you get to keep your catches!


enjoy the sea Without licensed boat captain

Rent a small 5 meter boat with no need of licenses or experience so you can pass a couple of hours at sea.
You are the captain, so go wherever your intrigue takes you.

Reserve any of our boats and enjoy your time at sea!

Kayak Rental

single or double A new adventure

The Kayak is a type of canoe that holds up to 4 people.

The Paddler is seated and oriented towards the direction that they want, propelled with a double blade paddle.

The design is very easy used and suitable for all ages.

You can rent for the river or on the beaches of Guardamar.

Rent Paddle surf

relaxing adventure A new experience

Get started with some off our new Paddle surf boards, you will be able to navegate the waters just of the beaches.
Paddle surf is the new sport on the block and everytime it’s more popular.

You will only have to go to our market stalls we have on the beaches or if you want to try them on the river from our stall at Port Marina next to the dunes.


Adventures at Sea Cool off and have fun with our water activities